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Military Police -Unmanned door/barricade Removal System

Current problem:  Soldiers in urban environments are often asked to approach and enter buildings.  Given that many such doors are locked/blocked, and frequently booby-trapped, Soldiers are exposed to a dangerous situation.  Given the ease that explosives can be placed and/or hidden this is a serious threat to our Soldiers.  Such booby-trap devices may consist of an activation device that is usually a trip wire/light.  Once the device is tripped, then possible lethal weapons may discharge large explosive devices and/or guns.


Current Solution:  Use an improved robotic COTS construction design backhoe/loader design that allows the use of the force of the backhoe or front loader to force the door or obstacle clear, with the Soldiers in excess of 500 meters away to avoid any explosion.  In addition, if a car is suspected of an IED, the car can be lifted and dragged clear so that if an explosion occurs the damage will be minimized. 


Benefit: Using an existing vehicle which can be easily transported and operated gives our Soldiers the means to approach sites with a very powerful tool to unblock passageways, safely.  In addition, the front loader system can carry and retrieve existing Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles (SUGVs).  Used in combination the backhoe/loader can remove the obstacle, then the SUGV can be released into the building to look for insurgents, and once completed, retrieved by the loader system.  This activity can be done with Soldiers well clear of any threat.  Below represents one way the SUGVs can be carried and/or retrieved.

U.S. Patent Nos. 7,267,354, 7,275,459, 7,565,941, and Patents Pending.




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