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Current Problem:  As robotic vehicles are introduced into hostile areas, such vehicles are likely to be exposed to small arms fire.  A small weapons attack can destroy or render useless the robotic vehicle.  Once damaged, the vehicle must be retrieved from the attack zone, for its technology cannot be made available to opposition forces.  In addition, to support military operations such vehicles must be able to travel on all types of terrain and conditions.


Current Solution:  By sloping the sides and bottom the vehicle will deflect small weapons.  Integrating a jib crane assembly onto the outer shell of the vehicle provides a self-contained means to retrieve a damaged vehicle, plus provide support for vehicle maintenance and repair.  If the vehicle were to be flipped over due to an explosion or rough terrain, an integrated self-contained system can be activated to right the vehicle and assist retrieval.


Benefit:  With sloped sides and high-strength steel the performance level of the vehicle will increase.  Additional performance will be achieved by adapting a series of internal compartments.  Such compartments will be joined to add a wide range of engine and drive systems.  In addition, these compartments can be added or removed quickly from the primary frame assembly by use of the jib crane assembly.  This design will allow damaged compartments to be quickly removed and/or replaced.  As an example, battery-powered motor compartments can replace the diesel engine and oil compartments.  For extra protection, each compartment is made of steel. 
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