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Current problem:  Soldiers are conducting vehicle roadblocks/checkpoints to search for improper transportation of goods, weapons, or personnel.  With the ease of insurgents placing IEDs in vehicles and detonating them, Soldiers are easy targets.  Approximately 9 Soldiers and 3 HMMWV vehicles are required to perform each checkpoint inspection.  Thus the potential is great to lose many Soldiers with one vehicle IED. 

Current Solution:  Put into place a robotic system that uses improved COTS products to remove Soldiers from this threat and provide a physical and visual deterrent to the insurgents; allows the insurgents to be easily and safely captured or destroy themselves.  Such a system to be set up in a random placement manner 24 hours a day will cause confusion to the insurgents.

Benefit: Using such a system will remove personnel from the danger of IEDs at vehicle checkpoints.  Such systems can be set up quickly and randomly all over a city, thus cause confusion to the insurgents.  Once in the traffic congestion the insurgents can't drive away, thus they think they are caught.  Catching IED technicians and couriers brings the attack to them; for once caught they will either destroy themselves or be captured in the secondary area.  Such a system can be utilized by all countries of the World, thus a tool to help with the serious threat of IEDs.

U.S. Patent Nos. 7,267,354, 7,275,459, 7,565,941, and Patents Pending.




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