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Current Problem: The World is faced with the serious issue of abandoned and active war zones that contain an estimated 110 million buried landmines and explosive remnants of war (ERW).  Many zones are over 30 years old, and even today our Soldiers are being exposed to new buried devices daily.  With such a large number of devices, civilians and Soldiers are being injured and killed.  There is an immediate need to clear such land to support the growth of civilian population in many emerging parts of the World, and protect our Soldiers.

Solution:  To help with this serious problem a standard COTS vehicle has been made into a fully robotic control vehicle.  With dual set of controls, manual and robotic, the vehicle can be used as a true construction device to help with general needs of the area, and then quickly adapted to assist technicians to find, mark, and remove buried explosives or similar devices.
Benefit:  Having such vehicles will increase the amount of land that can be cleared per day.  Such vehicle is lightweight (less than 5,000#), which allows it to be easily moved in third world countries, can be transported by helicopter for use in mountainous areas, and with the ease of operation no specialized service technicians are needed.  Plus, needed service components are integrated into the vehicle design to add durability.
U.S. Patent Nos. 7,267,354, 7,275,459, 7,565,941, and Patents Pending.




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